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  • Commemorative USSR Soviet Union Postage Stamp - 1965 Vintage commemorative USSR sable Collie  stamp issued February 26, 1965, denomination 10 Russian kopek; stamp measures 1  1/4" x 1  1/8".
  • Kampuchea (Cambodia) 1987 Collie Postage Stamp. 1987 beautiful tri-color Collie postage stamp from Kampuchea, formerly Cambodia, 3.00 riels denomination; stamp measures 1  3/4" x 1  1/4".
  • British-Type Collies Print on Fabric. Fabric size: 11.5" x 14.5" including brown border; Image size:  9" x 12".
  • Lynn Bean - Cat In Sink Paper size: 8" x 10" Image size: 7" x 9"
  • Vintage cork Collie coaster depicting a sable collie; measures 3" in diameter and is in good shape.
  • Old music box that is silvertone with gray metal bands around the top, bottom and middle of the box. The lid has been painted silver with a Collie head in the center.  As seen in the picture there is a small dent in the top.  Around the bottom band there are three small brass decorations .  The bottom is wood and it appears the original legs have been replaced with goldtone legs.  The lid comes off and the inside of the lid appears to be silverplate.  There is a space in the top of the box  that is about 3/8" deep and I think these were where powder and a puff were placed.  There is no maker's mark but there appears to have been a paper sticker on the bottom at one time.  The box plays Brahm's Lullaby.  On the rim of the box there is a small wire made into it that you have to pull up slightly to begin the music, and it winds on the bottom of the box.
  • Old Rolltop Box with Sheltie Puppy. One-of-a-kind wooden box measuring 3 1/4" wide and 4 1/8" long.  The box is approximately 1 1/2" deep. The front, sides and back are parquet work.  The top rolls back with the small handle.  The artwork is original hand painting of a sable Sheltie pup by Shawn DeLion.  It is signed near the left front paw of the Sheltie.  This would make a great Christmas gift or addition to a collection.
  • Porcelain Sheltie Thimble. Darling porcelain sable Sheltie thimble with the words 'Champion Sheltie' printed in blue.  Thimble is trimmed in gold paint around the bottom edge that is worn in places.  The dog is approximately 1 1/4" high and the thimble is approximately 3/4" high, making the entire piece about 2".  On the back of the thimble there is a partial paper sticker that reads 'copyright symbol' 1966 Kathy Wise.
  • Rare 1976 Obedience Collie Stamp - East Germany Beautiful sable Collie clearing jump with dumbbell depicted on this rare 1976 East German postage stamp DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) in denomination of 25 Pfennig Measures 1  1/4" x 1  1/8"
  • Set of Collie Cards with Old-Time Herding Scene. Set of 8 cards (9 envelopes) with two Collies in the foreground and an old-time herding scene in the background; cards are blank inside.  The artist is Reina Berner and these were published by Avignon Enterprises, New York, NY.  The reverse of the card states that the original by the artist was a collage/acrylic on canvas and is copyrighted.
  • Collectible Tin with Victorian Collie Print. This is a new tin measuring approximately 7" x 10" and is 2" deep not counting the lid The finish has a rough feel to it, like a crackly, sparkle-like feel - very attractive The picture on the top of the tin features two Victorian little girls with a Collie.
  • Vintage 1960 Collectible Plate - Collie Guarding Baby. Beautiful 1960 Collectible Plate featuring image of sable Collie guarding sleeping baby. It is a commemorative plate and states on the reverse, "Our Fiftieth Year of Faithful Protection". 1910 - 1960, Amicable Life Insurance Company, Waco Texas. The plate measures 8 1/2" in diameter and is trimmed in gold.
  • Vintage Blue/Green Collie Ashtray - Japan sticker on back and a back stamp that is difficult to read but looks like "J F"; there are a couple of rough spots in the glaze on the under side of the ashtray's edge and several places around the edge where the glaze is worn down.  The ashtray measures 8  1/2" square.
  • Vintage Limoges Porcelain Disc with Collie Image. The disc is marked Limoges in gold and is slightly convex on the top and flat on the bottom. It measures 2" in diameter.  There is a tiny chip in the porcelain along the bottom edge that is barely noticeable.  There are no markings on the back.
  • Vintage Pewter Collie Figurine on Base Small pewter Collie figurine on base with scalloped edges.  The base measures 2 1/2" long and 1" wide. On the bottom it is marked "Pewter" but no maker. The Collie is about 2 1/4" long and 2" high from front lets to tip of ears.  It is about 3/8" wide looking down on its neck.
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