Old music box that is silvertone with gray metal bands around the top, bottom and middle of the box. The lid has been painted silver with a Collie head in the center.  As seen in the picture there is a small dent in the top.  Around the bottom band there are three small brass decorations .  The bottom is wood and it appears the original legs have been replaced with goldtone legs.  The lid comes off and the inside of the lid appears to be silverplate.  There is a space in the top of the box  that is about 3/8″ deep and I think these were where powder and a puff were placed.  There is no maker’s mark but there appears to have been a paper sticker on the bottom at one time.  The box plays Brahm’s Lullaby.  On the rim of the box there is a small wire made into it that you have to pull up slightly to begin the music, and it winds on the bottom of the box.